We recently teamed up with RMIT to provide students studying youth work to explore the sociological impacts on young people and facilitate practical change projects as part of their studies.

The project has been established as part of RMIT's Certificate IV in Youth Work and Diploma of Youth Work curriculum and to date, 24 students have been working with our Youth Projects to explore the impact and affects of homelessness and cyclical disadvantage experienced by young people in Melbourne.

When asked about what she hoped students would gain from this initiative, project coordinator on the Youth Projects end, Celeste Norris shared, "the fundraiser has created opportunity for students to research homelessness statistics and pathways to homelessness. Youth Projects has a non-judgement policy and I believe the fundraiser has shown that importance."

"The students will hopefully have a sense of pride and a hunger within them to do more great work for our community!"

The RMIT students were tasked to research into the sociological issues impacted by young people and the work that organisations like Youth Projects do each day to better support young people effected by these particular issues.

Despite completing their assessment virtually the students are gaining an insight into the sector that one day they can apply their theory based learnings to. Celeste also shared, "by engaging in open discussions and interviews with our team, the students have developed a stronger sense of compassion for those most at-risk in our community and it's accelerated their passion to want to work in the Youth sector."

Students are required to launch a project or event that addresses the needs identified through their research and evaluate the effectiveness of their project or event. Within this project, their focus remains on developing effective communication skills, working within organisational requirements (i.e. WHS, child safety standards, etc.) and their ability to address the needs identified in their research.

The result? Students have teamed up to create several high impact projects and are now calling out for your support to help provide high impact support to young people doing it tough. Check out their projects and consider lending your support:

This collaborative project is delivered as part of RMIT's Certificate IV of Youth Work and Diploma of Youth Work and provides a platform for the next generation of youth workers to gain hands on sector experience, and provides access to much needed material support for young people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.