Est. 1984

We are an independent, registered charity that provides front line support to young people and individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and other drug issues, and people looking to re-engage with learning and employment. We recognise the complex and varying needs of the people we work with and go above and beyond, 365 days a year, to provide pathways out of poverty.

Our commitment to young people and people experiencing homelessness is to deliver a unique, holistic and connected model of care focused on the social model of health care. We pride ourselves on developing pathways out of poverty and homelessness whist preventing at risk young people from becoming homeless. It is a complex, yet highly successful model that includes engagement through assertive outreach and providing everything an individual needs in once place: primary health, life skills, alcohol and other drug counselling, mental health support and employment and training services. 

We are changing lives and saving lives through pathways into meaningful employment and training, health and life skills programs, harm prevention and outreach and social enterprise programs. Comprised of a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team, we have the ability to provide a complete wrap around, judgement free service with a strong focus on respect, client centred care and harm prevention.