We seek impact that enables our clients to lead longer lives, have improved health, meaningful employment and a greater sense of belonging, safety and security through a holistic model of care.

We work with people facing barriers to social and economic participation with a primary focus on young people and people experiencing homelessness to provide responsive and timely intervention to open up pathways out of poverty and homelessness - breaking the cycle of disadvantage. 

We've achieved a lot since Youth Projects was established in 1984.

Homelessness continues to rise, mental illness is increasing at an alarming rate and young people are finding it tougher to secure meaningful jobs. Every year we strive a little hard to drive better results for our clients, always evolving out approach as we grow. 

Each of our services have a significant impact in their respective areas and locations - select an area to see what that impact is.

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Community Health

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Harm Reduction

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