We help early school leavers and young people experiencing unemployment to gain the skills and confidence to transition into sustainable and meaningful employment.

Transition to Work enables life changing opportunities for young people who are currently unemployed by developing the necessary skills and training alongside individualised support. Transition to Work helps young people understand an employer’s needs and develop the necessary skills, attitudes and behaviours that will help them secure and maintain employment. This includes:

  • Developing practical skills to be job-ready
  • Understanding what employers want (and why)
  • Connecting with education or other training
  • Find and participate in work experience
  • Knowing where to look for local job opportunities
  • Connect with other relevant community services

We see you as an individual

Identifying an individual’s interests, strengths and help build the self-confidence needed to break out of long term unemployment helps our Transition to Work team support a young person into a job. We focus on building vocational and non-vocational skills such as expression, creativity and self worth.

Erin is one of hundreds of young people we've worked with and tailored support specifically to her goals, aspirations and passions. Check out what Erin has to say about her experience and where she is now.


Our connected services

By registering with Transition to Work each young person will have access to other services including accredited vocational training and education with Melbourne Training Options. Additional support for mental health, alcohol and other drugs and other complex issues are also available to ensure you receives the most effective support based on your needs.

You can access our Transition to Work service in Glenroy, Craigieburn and Sunbury.

Already working with us? 

Due to the large influx of young people being referred into Transition to Work at Youth Projects recently, we've created pages of information based on where you might be at on your journey in the program. Please visit the page relevant to your classification.

Almost Job Ready

Almost Ready

Job Ready

Already working

Study Focused

Non Vocational


  • Youth Projects HQ, 6 Hartington Street Glenroy Victoria
  • Sunbury Youth Centre, 51- 53 Evans Street Sunbury
  • Hume Youth Services, 59 Craigieburn Road Craigieburn

This program is an Australian Government initiative and Youth Projects is an active member of CoAct.

For more information please contact us.