The Youth Northern Outreach Team delivers non-judgemental counselling and treatment, with a harm minimisation approach.

The Youth Northern Outreach Team (YNOT), provides personalised, confidential outreach counselling, support, education and referrals for individuals dealing with alcohol and or other drug abuse or dependence problems.

You choose the location and we come to you, to ensure a confidential and flexible routine that removes hesitations that individuals might hold when looking to reach out and ask for assistance.

Our experienced team understands that every individual has different needs and therefore takes a personalised, tailored approach to develop goals and an Individual Treatment Plan with clients.

A holistic approach

As a Youth Projects program, YNOT has direct links with our complete range of  support services that make it easier to get help. This includes health care, pharmacotherapy program, mental health, employment, education and training services.

YNOT provides a holistic service to support young people to achieve their individual goals.

Outreach in schools and the community

Youth Projects has a commitment to the ongoing development of early intervention and prevention strategies and provides drug and alcohol support and counselling services to local schools and community groups.

If you would like counselling programs to be delivered in your school or community group, or if you would like more information, please contact us.


Need help?

If you or someone you know needs support in dealing with alcohol and other drug issues, contact YNOT on 9304 9100.

Our Youth Northern Outreach Team is supported by the Victorian Government.