We are about to embark one of the most significant projects in The Living Room history – to create a new global standard for community-led services to provide complete, wrap around care for people during their darkest hours.

The (new) Living Room will represent the aspirations of people experiencing homelessness, not the chronically underfunded services we’ve seen until now… A space where we work with people to understand their very real experiences and sharing of their stories.

What we do at The Living Room not only changes, but saves lives too.

So far, our Board and some of our generous Partners have stepped up to raise $1.15M dollars, and we’re only $60,000 away from our dream goal…

Now, we need you!

We need your help to crowdfund only $60,000 more to ensure The *new* Living Room comes to life in the heart of Melbourne.

You will help us provide greater care and opportunities for thousands of people over the years to come, and create a legacy in the heart of Melbourne that will change the face of homelessness.   

Please back us in by donating today, and know that your contribution is not just going straight the frontline, but helping to create a legacy for decades to come.

With greater access to holistic, unconditional positive support and services that are designed to meet work with people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness, we can enable better health, stability and social connectedness, and open up pathways out of poverty and homelessness, for good.  

Be a force for good and act now. Donate today.

Every dollar donated to Youth Projects during the month of June will go towards The Living Room and invested in changing the face of homelessness in Melbourne.