We work very closely with local employers to understand your organisational and business needs, goals and capacities to determine the most suitable young jobseeker to fill or create an opportunity for a young person in your industry. 

  • Contact us for a no-cost recruitment service
  • We can visit the workplace to identify recruitment needs in line with employer needs
  • Support from shortlisting candidates through to ongoing employment support
  • We can promote vacancies, arrange trial shifts, police checks, recruitment drives and organise wage subsidies 

Each young person has a designated youth support worker to support you, your business and your new recruit throughout their employment journey. Our support typically spans six months, but because we tailor support to an individuals' needs there may be exemptions to extend beyond this period. Ultimately, we are here to be your go-to! 

We have allocated funds and resources to help better support a young person and employer's overall employment experience. This could cover onsite job support, work-related clothing, training, licensing and transport support.


Why hire a young person?

Impact. You can have an extraordinary impact on a young person's life by giving them an opportunity in your industry, changing their life for the better.

Training. A young person is basically a blank slate, meaning you can train them YOUR way and the way that best suits your business

A new wave of perspective. Young people think differently. Hiring a young person could increase your customer base or improve your service delivery by contributing innovative, new ideas to approach things in a different way. This can be particularly beneficial if your business is wanting to expand into a youthful, new customer base.

Versatility. Young people can be very eager to learn and are often very curious about trying new things. This is could be a very beneficial characteristic for employers as their new recruit's talents can be applied to various areas and functions of a business. A young person learns, an employer gets a versatile new employee.

Cost reduction. By hiring someone younger, typically with less experience, their salary requirements and expectations are less than that of onboarding a regular or more qualified or experienced employee.

Tech skills. Young people are digital natives. They've grown up in a world of technology and typically learn and adapt to new systems instantaneously. Plus, it's handy having someone on hand who you can go to for all those daily tech questions.


Wage subsidies

Both the state and commonwealth government have various types of wage subsidies available for employers to assist in off-setting the cost of initial training and support for businesses giving a young person an employment opportunity. Our specialist teams can help support and connect you to the options available for your business.

For more information on hiring a young person or to promote a vacancy, contact us today.

Banner image by Bench Accounting on Unsplash