Our Youth Advisory Group (YAG) provide us with invaluable insights into services and current program gaps within the community and help us improve service delivery for young people. YAG are regularly involved with consultations on issues that directly impact young people (both at Youth Projects and in the broader local community).

It's a forum in which young people can also grow their confidence, create social connections, and develop their leadership skills, whilst playing a key role in planning and delivering youth-led events and activities throughout the year.

As part of International Youth Day - we want to introduce you to some of the inspiring young people making waves and influencing change through Youth Projects.

How long have you been involved with YAG? since day one

About you: i like piercings and my dogs 

Fun fact : i have about 400 pop vinyls

How long have you been involved with YAG? I got involved with YAG when I started with YP in February 2021. Before that I volunteered with YHOP as an intake coordinator for majority of 2020.

About you: I’m 25 years old, and I am an Employment Services trainee at Youth Projects. I work across many of the YP teams, as well as studying a Certificate IV in Community Services.

Fun fact: I have 7 metal pins and a plate in my wrist!

How long have you been involved with YAG?Since 2019

About you:  I’m 23 years old and I’m the youngest of four, I have three nephews and one niece

Fun fact: I love reading, I have two dogs and three cats

How long have you been involved with YAG? About 4 months

About you: I’m a 22-year-old Fawkner resident and am passionate about youth, mental health, and art. I also run an arts group for youth aged 18-24 in Moreland where we create art for social change. 

Fun fact: I can speak 3 other languages (on top of English!)


Check out what else our Youth Advisory Group get up to, or maybe you're keen to get involved - hit us up!