It’s not the news we were all hoping for at the moment, but yesterday’s Stage 4 announcement is a necessary move for us to get on top of this pandemic. Yesterday’s announcement includes stronger rules to limit the movement of people and limit the spread of this virus across our great city with changes in place for at least six weeks until Sunday 13 September. 

The following update contains information about Youth Projects and our services across Melbourne and the north west region.

How does this effect Youth Projects services?

    Most CBD services remain open, and all other programs and services remain virtual in the meantime. As at 11:59PM Wednesday 01 July, our Head Quarters at Glenroy will be closed to the public and service delivery will be as follows:

    Community Health

    • The Living Room remains open with health, medical & crisis support still accessible. 
    • Basic needs such as showers, laundry facilities and care packages are still available but limited numbers of people are permitted within the drop in space at any one time. 
    • Throughput of shower and laundry facilities has been reduced to allow for cleaning between use. Screening protocols have been enacted at the front entrance.
    • Night Nurses Outreach nurses still operating on the streets. No longer attending shared accommodation facilities. Screening protocols have been enacted. 

    Harm Reduction

    • We have mobilised a targeted Harm Reduction team, in partnership with other agencies, to deliver a specific response to support people currently in hotel accommodation. This team will continue to adhere to all appropriate guidelines, but must remain working to save lives.
    • Fixed Site and Mobile NSPs remain open and accessible. Physical distancing and no-contact measures remain in place.
    • Foot Patrol remains active and accessible in the CBD. Physical distancing measures remain in place.
    • Substance Misuse services remain open and accessible via The Living Room. Screening protocols and physical distancing remains in place.
    • AOD services for young people in the north western and eastern suburbs remain accessible. All face-to-face contacts have ceased – all contact is via phone, video call or email only. 

    Employment, Training & Social Enterprise

    • Employment services continue to operate until otherwise advised by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
    • All face-to-face appointments remain ceased.
    • Contact with clients is strictly via phone, video call or email only.
    • Crisis support will continue to be co-ordinated by phone, video call and email.
    • Our social enterprise café on Hosier Lane (Good2Go) will close until the end of the month.
    • All training through Melbourne Training Options continues to be via distance learning – no in-person training until further notice. Students will receive updates from their trainer on study packs and assessments shortly.

    Corporate Support & Head Quarters

    • Although our HQ in Glenroy will remain closed, our corporate teams continue to work. All phone lines are open, and in the event a department is not on site, diversions are in place to home offices.

    Masks/face coverings

    All Youth Projects staff working on site or providing outreach services have been directed to wear medical-grade masks at all times when undertaking work duties. All staff are required to wear a medical mask where possible, or other forms of face covering where medical masks are not available whilst performing duties as well as travel to, from or in between locations for work related purposes.  

    What does this mean for people accessing our services at physical sites?

    Staff reserve the right to refuse entry to any person, client or stakeholder, to our premises, or surrounding areas (including move on orders), to ensure the safety of our people.  Our teams are working with people in very difficult circumstances and refusal will only come as a last resort – but a safe workplace for our staff and people accessing services is paramount. Teams will continue to inform visitors on the latest restrictions and are providing masks and face coverings to people accessing our services, where needed. 

    If you haven’t been able to get a medical mask, please follow the World Health Organisation guidelines on how to wear a non-medical fabric mask safely

    Please be patient with our teams who continue to work through this crisis. Our people are our most valuable asset and we must ensure their continued wellbeing during these uncertain times.

    News and information about COVID-19 is also available in 63 languages at SBS online.

    This can be a difficult time to navigate, so please know that there is support available to you. Our team have put together a list of helpful links, apps and crisis information for you, or anyone you know, who may be struggling.