Hakim's journey began when he recently arrived in Australia, filled with hope and excitement for a new life, but he also faced numerous challenges. With limited English language skills, a lack of family support, and low confidence, he felt isolated, overwhelmed, and unsure of what his future held. 

However, Hakim was determined to overcome these challenges and find work in his new home. He knew that a job was the key to finding success and independence in Australia and he refused to give up, despite the obstacles he was facing.  

At this moment was when Hakim was introduced to Youth Projects by one of our partner organisations in Western Melbourne. Youth Projects team members - Hannan and Annemeike - were then able to communicate with Hakim and see that he had a desire to work in logistics. They saw his potential and then worked tirelessly to help him achieve his goals. 

Hannan and Annemeike were able to arrange a job interview and trial with a local logistics company, and with Hakim putting his best foot forward, he impressed the employer with his hard work and positive attitude, and he was offered a job! 

Pictured: Hakim working in his new position

As he learned and grew in his new role, Hakim’s confidence grew, and his English language skills improved. Hakim was also now able to support himself, save money, and recently moved into a shared living situation where he is surrounded by positive influences that have helped him create a new community here in Australia. This has also enabled him to send money to his family back home - which is a source of great pride and happiness for Hakim. 

Hakim's story is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and support. Despite facing numerous challenges, Hakim was able to succeed with the help of Youth Projects. He is now a shining example of how young people can overcome all sorts of different obstacles and barriers to achieve their goals, with the right support. 

Pictured: Youth Projects Youth Worker, Annemeike (Left) and Hakim (Right) 

Youth Projects is proud of Hakim and his achievements, and we are committed to helping other young people (just like Hakim) reach their full potential.  

With the right support, young people can achieve their dreams - no matter what challenges they face.  

Hakim's story is a source of inspiration and hope for all young people who are facing difficulties, and a reminder that anything is possible with the right support. 

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