Lisa's Birthday Fundraiser

Elizaveta Dilanyan

I discovered Youth Projects in 2021, when I was researching Melbourne-based charities that support homeless people – a cause I've become increasingly passionate about in recent years.

Molly's Bday Fundraiser

Molly Halewood

Youth Projects is a fantastic local organisation that supports young people in a broad range of ways!

Ash's fundraiser for LGBTQIA+ homelessness

Ashling Cloud

It's my b'nei mitzvah and I've decided to fundraise for LGBTIQA+ homeless youth. This organisation runs a drop-in centre called the Living Room for homeless youth and also has LGBTIQA+ mental health first aid.

Raph’s Bar Mitzvah

Raphy Sable

Help Homeless Humans

Mythica Jones

I love what you do. I want to pitch in and do what I can to help.

RMIT - Winter Warmers

Marc Clemente

Raising essential winter warmers and money for Youth Projects. Promoting the preventative and protective services which work towards outreach, employment, AOD and education for young people.

Scarves for Social Change

Jaymie Moynihan

Youth Projects carries out difficult tasks and incredible service, improving the lives of many. It is inspiring, and deserves infinite support!

Holmesglen - Winter Warmers Fundraiser

Leanne Azzopardi

We are on a mission to help homeless young people in Melbourne and create a world-class, global standard for homelessness and community-led health services in the heart of Melbourne.

Holmesglen will be running a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, getting donations for the Winter Warmer cause and through this page you can help donate to better the lives of Homeless young people by helping our cause for - Youth Projects.