We recently integrated complimentary Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED) services at The Living Room to address the challenges of out of hours services, and uplift existing healthcare access for people experiencing homelessness.

This cutting-edge, virtual service connects people with emergency clinicians through seamless virtual interactions to change the way non-life-threatening conditions are assessed and treated, especially in the absence of immediate General Practitioner services outside of standard operating hours at The Living Room.

Central to the VVED is its complementary nature to existing healthcare services and GP provisions at The Living Room. Rather than replacing existing healthcare services, the VVED provides an additional channel for people to access medical expertise promptly, complementing and enhancing our health services.

Through this integrated approach, people accessing The Living Room benefit from the expertise of both emergency doctors and specialised nurse practitioners available through the VVED, plus the comprehensive range of healthcare services offered on-site at The Living Room.

During times where Doctors or GPs may be unavailable, people are still able to access the VVED for clinical assessments, vital medical advice, prescriptions, and referrals to specialist services for ongoing care. If someone’s condition requires in-person hospital care, the VVED team will facilitate ambulance transport, recognising the importance of timely intervention in certain cases.

Immediate access to medical expertise during non-standard clinic hours eliminates the wait time for critical interventions, such as prescribing antibiotics. Additionally, this initiative alleviates the burden on physical emergency departments, allowing resources to be directed towards those requiring urgent and acute care.

By seamlessly integrating the VVED with existing healthcare services and GP provisions at The Living Room, we can ensure that people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness have access to a continuum of care, regardless of the time of day.

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The Victorian Virtual Emergency Department available at The Living Room is delivered through Northern Health. Visit their website for more information.

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