Youth Projects is excited to announce our latest partnership, teaming up with global clothing brand with a conscience - Kind is Cool – to promote kindness and PRIDE amongst Australians whilst funding critical supports for young, LGBTQIA+ people experiencing disadvantage and homelessness.

Born out of a desire to create tangible social change, Australian brand Kind is Cool has dropped a brand new collection inspired by (and created with) the founding folk of Australia’s gay pride movement, the iconic 78ers.

The new collection sees Kind is Cool taking on its next endeavour to raise awareness for plights facing theLGBTQIA+ community and creating a new staple range that will promote kindness and PRIDE amongst Australians. 

We are a global clothing brand with a conscience,” says founder and director, Amber Wilkinson. “We are fully aware that we have a platform and an engaged audience and we enter collaborations with marginalised communities with the hope that they can utilise this platform to amplify their message and create sizable change”. 

To deepen the impact of the new collection, Kind is Cool has partnered with Youth Projects and Minus18 to donate $2 from every tee sold going to supporting safer spaces for young, LGBTQIA+ folk. 

"Unfortunately, we see the direct impacts of bullying, stigma, and torment every day through our work at Youth Projects. It creates trauma and severely impacts on the lives on young people every day.

We as a community need to start by replacing judgement with kindness. Replacing judgement with kindness is the new cool, and we are excited to see what impact we can create with this new collection" shares Youth Projects CEO, Ben Vasiliou.

The launch campaign sees prominent voices in the LGBTQIA+ community, social media and Australian culture coming together including members of the 78ers, Grace Hyland, Jim Rossington, Ruby Slippers and Bonnie Anderson.

The PRIDE range is now available via Kind is Cool! Head over to to snag one of this season’s must-have tees! 

Kind is Cool was founded by mum of three, Amber Wilkinson, after experiencing bullying in the workplace, is dedicated to making the world a kinder place raising more than $50,000 for various causes and charities across Australia and New Zealand (including Bully Zero and Gunawirra) and creating National Be Kind Day.