The current job climate is a bit rocky across Australia right now, but we are here to guide you through this shaky period. Our teams of Youth Coaches are here to support you through your job journey. We’ve put together some helpful tips to get you through.


1. Don’t give up looking for jobs!

Make Seek, Indeed, Jora and local job sites your go-to each day! Check in, create a favourites search and stick to a steady job search routine. This makes sure you see jobs as they are being posted and won’t miss a beat.  Plan out days to do job search activities. Set some goals around how many jobs you think you can apply for each day/week.

Not sure which industries are hiring at the moment? Chat to us.


2. Set some achievable goals

Use this downtown to think about what you like to do and reflect on previous challenges, successes and achievements to help think up new actions and goals.

  • What did you enjoy about your previous roles?
  • When did you get most excited or motivated at work?
  • If there were no limitations, what would be your ultimate career?


3. Check out volunteering opportunities

Use this as an opportunity to volunteer and build on your skills. Not only could you build on skills for your resume to become more employable, but you would also be giving back to those who currently need support (like a great big circle of kindness). Maybe it’s getting groceries for Nona across the road, walking the neighbour’s dog or even volunteering for a local community group.

Check out websites like Ethical Jobs or Seek Volunteering.


4. Hit the phones

Cold call businesses in your local area to see if they’re looking for staff. Even hit the phones to call employers about roles you’ve seen on Seek and Indeed.

We can help develop a script and some pointers on taking the leap to cold calling.


5. Take a short course online

With more time at home, think about smashing out some online study! Why not become qualified while you’re in quarantine? There’s still plenty of time to watch MAFS reruns and play xBox!

Hit us up about your eligibility for financial assistance, finding the right course or structuring your week to complete modules.


If you’re aged between 15 and 25, you may be able to connect with us for employment support. Reach out and chat to us today.