Youth Projects and L'Oréal have joined forces in an exciting new partnership to support young people aged 16 to 25 from marginalised backgrounds. The partnership is committed to providing young individuals with a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience working for a global beauty leader and inspire them to explore careers in a professional setting.

As part of this initiative, young people have already had the chance to visit L'Oréal and experience the corporate environment, learning about the brand's culture, values, and the diverse range of career pathways available. With L'Oréal's expertise spanning across a variety of industries such as beauty services, sales, marketing, warehousing, retail services, account management, and corporate services, young people will be able to chat with various employees and learn about different job functions.

Pictured: L’Oreal Headquarters Melbourne (picture: Travis Walton)

Through this partnership, L'Oréal's existing expertise will be leveraged to provide valuable tips and guidance to young people, including personal grooming, insights into the beauty industry, and knowledge about the latest technologies and beauty trends. Furthermore, the partnership aims to equip young individuals with the skills and confidence to excel in a professional setting, including how to present themselves and act during job interviews. By providing networking opportunities, the partnership will enable young people to build professional relationships and expand their network, helping to create new avenues for career growth and development.

As the partnership expands, we will facilitate ongoing office and distribution centre tours to continue exposing young people to different work environments. The Talent Acquisition at L'Oréal will also run tours at their Head Office and provide opportunities for young people to sit with corporate staff to discuss job roles. The organisations will continue conversations about how we can increase pathways to employment for young people within L'Oréal.

The partnership between Youth Projects and L'Oréal is a powerful collaboration that aims to inspire and empower young people from marginalised backgrounds. Through the provision of valuable resources and exposure to a range of work environments, the partnership seeks to unlock the potential of these young individuals and support them in achieving their career aspirations. As the partnership continues to evolve, both organisations remain committed to working together to create new pathways to employment and drive positive change in the lives of young people.

If you are a large organisation looking to enhance your social impact and empower more young people to secure meaningful employment, we encourage you to contact our Executive Manager, Trent via email. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with like-minded entities to create lasting positive change in the community.

Let us work together to make a difference in the lives of young people and create a brighter future for all.

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