Youth Projects is proud to announce our inaugural Youth Awards 2022! 

Our new Youth Awards is an opportunity to recognise the enormous contributions of young people, and the ways in which they are creating meaningful change within themselves and the wider community. Through these awards we hope to shine a spotlight on emerging changemakers and the young achievers that live amongst us. 

The 2022 Youth Awards will recognise emerging talent and young achievers across five different categories, with winners of each category announced at a very special event at MicDrop (Carlton) on Tuesday 13th December.

Social Change Maker

A young person who is actively committed to creating social change in some way, shape, or form in the community. This person has identified a problem that exists and is working towards tackling that problem. 

Trainee of the Year  

A young trainee who may have only just started within their trainee, intern or apprenticeship, or education/development program within their chosen field and are showing remarkable promise and potential in their journey. This is one person that has a brighter future and is set to become a real mover and shaker. 

Personal Growth Award

A young person who has experienced and shown significant personal growth. Where they are now is leaps and bounds of where they started. They have become far more aware of ‘self’ and are taking positive steps to grow and develop themselves as a person. 

Youth/Support Worker Award

An emerging Youth/Support Worker who is dedicating their career to helping, supporting, or mentoring other young people to fulfill their goals. They see each person they work with as an individual, with their own strengths, goals, and aspirations, and work collaboratively with young people. 

Youth Projects’ Young Achiever of the Year 2022

A young person who demonstrates humility recognises and celebrates their talents and strengths and is really kicking goals. They show great potential and are achieving great things. They acknowledge, encourage, and promote positive achievements of themselves and their peers, and should be recognised for the positive impact they are creating in our community. No achievement is too small or too big! 

Nominate your peers (or even yourself), by completing the nomination form by 11:59pm Friday 25th November. 

Nominations are now open!

'Youth Awards 2022'

6pm - 8pm, Tuesday 13th December

MicDrop (CreativeCubes), 333 Drummond St, Carlton 3053

 Tickets are free, but spots are limited > Register your attendance now!

This event has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Victorian State Government and Engage! 2022 – 2024. 

‘Engage! provides young people with the opportunities and support they need to achieve their goals, and to be respected and engaged as valued members of their local community. Activities will promote the voices of young people and participation in decision making; support young people to develop new skills through training, mentoring, and volunteering; and showcase and recognise young people’s contribution to the community.’ – The Hon. Ros Spence MP (Minister for Youth)