IOAD 2018 Flyer

In response to Victoria’s escalating drug overdose burden, Youth Projects are marking International Overdose Awareness Day 2018 at Hosier Lane on Friday 31 August. Youth Projects will be hosting a free community event to commemorate lives lost to overdose, empower community members with the capacity to respond to overdose and to promote the awareness and advocacy necessary to enact change.

Starting at 11:30 am, a mural and commemorative space will be carved out on Hosier Lane which the public are invited to attach messages of remembrance and celebration of lives lost. The opportunity will exist for further conservation and referral to appropriate counselling services for people who experience strong feelings and/or memories as a result of the remembrance ceremony.

Following speeches from guest speakers, Youth Projects will be hosting a group overdose response (naloxone) training session with those present being invited to partake in the 15-minute training session, where they will be taught how to effectively identify and respond to opioid overdose. The first 30 participants will receive a free naloxone kit.

Recognizing that overdose is a community issue that demands a collective response, we encourage attendance by all members of the community. Through collaborative action can we begin to inspire and facilitate more compassionate and effective means of addressing drug overdose.

A complimentary lunch will be provided.


If you have any queries, please contact Tristan Duncan, Overdose Response Project Officer at the Living Room on 03 99452100.