This year has been like no other that we’ve experienced. The reality of 2020 runs far deeper than the immediate health crisis - it has cast a truer light on how we treat the most vulnerable people in our community.

We moved quickly to help thousands of vulnerable people experiencing homelessness off the streets and experienced the reality of tens of thousands of young people being among the first to be put out of work. Victoria has been one of the hardest hit states, both socially and economically, but now we are presented with an opportunity for a fundamental shift to create long-term, systemic change.

Our familiarity with crisis at Youth Projects enabled our rapid and immediate response to COVID-19. We knew what was required and we set out to deliver; and we certainly delivered. We supported 250+ people experiencing homelessness into crisis accommodation, provided on-site COVID-19 testing and supplied 11,000+ food packs and meals - all since March.

But, there was more to 2020 than just COVID-19 and our teams have been steadfastly making waves across Melbourne in our thirty sixth year as an organisation. 

  • Our night nurses and outreach crews have covered a whooping 74,600 kilometres on foot across Melbourne’s CBD to deliver critical care.
  • The Living Room we provided 18,750+ instances of practical support services to people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.
  • We provided 24,520 hours of face-to-face and tele supports to young people right across north and north west Melbourne.
  • And, supported 1,243 young people to secure meaningful jobs and education pathways.

High impact – yes; but also a clear indication that our services are now more important than ever before.

There will be things that we leave behind in 2020, but some of our most important learnings will be carried forward with us and embedded into our new strategy. Within our service delivery we’re already reshaping our after hours outreach programs, creating jobs through new social enterprise businesses, longer-term continuity of tele health support and strengthening partnerships to maximise collective response and impact.

This year we reflect on the enormous impact that Youth Projects continues to have in the wider community, and the thousands of life changing opportunities to young people and people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness.

We led from the front, and didn’t look back. 

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