A group of ambitious young jobseekers in western Melbourne embarked on a journey of exploration at The Gordon's Geelong campus - Victoria's largest regional, stand-alone TAFE. This initiative, spearheaded by one of our resident Youth Coaches - Amanda Baker - aimed to broaden horizons and expose young people to a wide array of career pathways across various industries.

Many of the young people engaged in our jobs and training programs are unsure about their future aspirations, prompting the need for experiential and immersive initiatives to provide firsthand insights into the array of opportunities that exist.

‘The Gordon Discovery Days’ were organised with a clear mission in mind: to guide young jobseekers toward discovering their potential career paths.

To ensure young people were able to actively participate, Amanda arranged for the Youth Projects bus to transport participants to The Gordon’s Geelong campus. For many, it was their first time attending such a visit, making transportation support a crucial factor.

Across 3 visits, 15 young people - all eager to explore career options and gain valuable insights – were provided an opportunity to witness professionals at work across a diverse range of industries. 

During the visits to The Gordon, these young people had the opportunity to witness professionals at work across a diverse range of industries and trades including Carpentry, Mechanics, Bricklaying, Panel Beating, Allied Health, Engineering, Electrical Work, and Veterinary Nursing. Participants also got to observe classes in session to witness hands-on learning and practical skills development in real-time.

Pictured here: (Left) young people seeing various carpentry trades in action. (Right) trade machinery at The Gordon.

These tours played a pivotal role in providing clarity and direction to those uncertain about their career paths. 

The feedback from the young participants was overwhelmingly positive, igniting their enthusiasm and providing them with a much-needed sense of direction (even those who remained undecided expressed gratitude for the chance to rule out industries that weren’t so aligned with their unique interests).

Pictured here: young people hearing about career pathways from The Gordon representative.

In an ever-evolving job market, initiatives like these play a crucial role in helping young jobseekers make informed decisions about their futures. One-third of participants subsequently enrolled in courses at The Gordon off the back of these discovery days. 

Amanda’s dedication and The Gordon's support have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the young participants, opening doors to a brighter and more promising tomorrow.

Our Transition to Work program helps early school leavers and young people receive intensive, pre-employment support to gain the skills and confidence to transition into sustainable and meaningful employment and education.  

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