Earlier this year, we launched a new drivers education initiative having acknowledged the significant need for young people to obtaining their licence. Not only to build independence, but to also reduce the barriers of unreliable transport to hold down a meaningful job.

Having a license is another step closer to getting to and from work reliably in Melbourne’s outer regions where public transport infrastructure is poor, or non-existent.

Launched in April 2021, young people currently participating in any of our services can access up to five driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor. We’ve even gone the extra mile to having found a driving instructor that is also a qualified Youth Worker – true to our ethos of holistic support for young people.

Since launching, 20 young people have already accessed lessons – one of those young people is Mohammed. He was one of our first young people to participate in our new Drivers Ed program, sharing with us that he is now feeling more confident behind the wheel. 

 “I’m feeling more confident and happier that I can now drive my family around.”

Mohammed passed the theory component of his test with flying colours and is currently waiting to complete the practical component as soon as lockdown restrictions allow him to do so in Melbourne. 

Mohammed is looking forward most to getting his P plates and increasing the potential jobs he can now access having a licence, and his own car.  

Demand for access to our Drivering School Initiative continues to grow with a current (and growing) wait list of 15+ young people slated to access the initiative before the end of 2021.

Youth Projects is currently exploring funding opportunities to keep the program running into 2022 and beyond. If you can help us, please drop us an email or donate today.