With a history of alcohol abuse and poor mental health, Marco’s life tells a similar story to that of many of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged.

The only son born to migrant parents, Marco has had a twenty-year history of alcohol dependency, anxiety issues and schizophrenia. Although he has successfully completed an undergraduate degree, his experience with alcohol and poor mental health state has made it difficult to hold down a steady job and keep his life on track.

Marco was drinking an average of two bottles of wine a day and when he experienced high levels of stress or increased anxiety, this could often increase to twice that again every day.

This level of consumption has had a negative impact on Marco’s mental health and quality of life. It has resulted in violent behaviour towards his family at times and consequently landed Marco in a few legal issues along the way.

Marco was referred to our Youth Northern Outreach Team (YNOT) who specialise in alcohol and other drug counselling. The team worked intensively with Marco to harness his own skills and identify his drinking patterns and the triggers that led to his binges.

Throughout this process, Marco developed and practiced strategies to deal with stress and anxiety which led to a significant reduction in his alcohol consumption and improved family relationships.

Marco continues to work towards a healthier and positive future and has even enrolled into post graduate studies - proving that with the right support, anything is possible.


NB: Name has been changed with respect to client's identity.
Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash