Lyam’s story is all too common for young people that connect with Youth Projects, but he is an extraordinary reflection of what can be achieved with support, guidance and empowerment.

He had been volunteering his time at Pets Haven and intended on pursuing a career in animal studies but faced hurdle after hurdle, hindered by a dark cloud of anxiety.

Although the intent was well and truly there, Lyam really struggled with re-engaging back into school as his experience had been harsh and negative. Disengaging from school was not by choice, but out of withdrawing from an environment that was not supportive of his needs.

We first met Lyam in June 2019 when he dropped by our HQ in Glenroy. It is then that Lyam from Sunbury connected with Liam from Youth Projects (how’s about that?!).

Liam worked very closely with Lyam to explain alternative pathways into study options, what each path might entail, juggling study and part time work and how each pathway differed from traditional school settings.

It began to look optimistic and positive, but Lyam’s anxiety continued to linger – to the extent that it had been impacting on his sleeping habits. His mental health needed to be addressed, and his Youth Coach didn’t hesitate in connecting him to the right support services to address and manage the issue.

In no time, Lyam started participating in a 4-6 week job readiness program (Ready Set Job) to build his confidence and develop pre-employment skills like career-decision making, knowing the labour market, job requirements and understanding position descriptions and the application process. This program was pivotal in building on Lyam’s social skills too.

This is the first time in my life I feel like I’m actualy moving forward. - Lyam

Shortly afterwards, Lyam enrolled into the Australian College of Higher Education and had been instigated conversations with an employer about a Warehouse Operator job. A week later and Lyam had interviewed and offered a position.

Lyam has been working as a Warehouse Operator since the end of last year, all the while balancing his work commitments and ongoing studies. His employer has been extremely receptive and has shared overwhelming positive feedback about his politeness and attitude to “just get the work done”.

Thank you so much for helping him get a job. He has honestly come out of his shell so much and I have just noticed such a change in him. He seems so happy and because he is working and is out of the house. Our relationship has gotten better too because we have so much to talk about. - Lyam’s sister, Savannah

We couldn’t have been prouder of Lyam and how far he’s come since we first met him, so much so that we decided to treat him to a V8 Supercar experience at Sandown Raceway. What a cracker start to the year for Lyam!

If you are a young person struggling to break into the labour market or are unsure of what path you want to carve out for yourself, get in contact with our Transition to Work team today.