We initially met Lachlan, and 18-year-old in Hume, he was struggling with several complex challenges in his life and was desperate for some guidance and support to get him back on track.

After being referred to our Youth in Hume Outreach program, we met up with Lachlan to understand what was going on in his world and identified his goals for the next 12 months.

He was very clear on what his goals were during those initial conversations:

  1. Get a job and start earning (traditional school wasn’t for Lachlan so he wanted to act on his strengths and passions to move into a trade)
  2. Find stable housing and rebuild the relationship with his family
  3. Work up has Learner driver hours and get his license
  4. Gain some independence like get his own phone, bank account and Centrelink account

The YHOP crew laid down a 12-month plan to assist him with achieving long-term stability and financial independence. Our biggest goal was to equip and empower Lachlan with the skills, opportunities, and confidence to lead a positive and meaningful life.

When I first met him, I was blown away by his positivity and determination. He was facing such complex challenges in his life, yet he was level-headed and so clear on his path! He listened, asked for feedback and was always open to suggestions and support.” - Roxanne (YHOP Coach)

As the weeks went by, we continued to check in with Lachlan to create a solid road map based on his goals, answer questions along the way and connect in with other services for additional support. We worked with Lachlan to set priorities and tasks for the week ahead and broke things down into smaller milestones to easily achieve.

When he needed any additional support or guidance, YHOP were always on hand to answer his questions, point him in the right direction of a service or make a referral on his behalf.

YHOP gave me guidance in entering the workforce with basically nothing. I had no family support nowhere to live and no money. I didn’t have a job before hand and very little real-life experiences. They supported me and guided me in all aspects - with work, finances, my living situation and most importantly, with my mental health.” – Lachlan

Over 3 months, YHOP’s intensive mentoring and coaching empowered Lachlan to achieve every single one of his goals that he set out in his 12-month plan. He secured an electrical apprenticeship and is thriving in his new job - his employer shared that Lachlan is one of the best apprentice’s that they have ever had!

The early starts and long commute was challenging at the start, but he was so motivated to smash his goals and succeed at his apprenticeship. After his first few pays, Lachlan was able to afford driving lessons and so we linked him up with a local driving instructor. After just 2 lessons he nailed his driving test!

With intensive YHOP coaching, Lachlan was able to set up his own bank account, Medicare, phone contract and Centrelink support. This new-found independence and self-confidence helped improve relationships with his family and ultimately led to a more stable home environment.

I was able to open up in ways I didn’t think I would ever be able to do” - Lachlan

Within the last few weeks, Lachlan let YHOP know that he had finally bought a new car and feels fully independent.

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