There's been some heartwarming and amazing things happen over the past few weeks and Julia's story is one of those.

When Julia first came in to Youth Projects she was up against a number barriers and it quickly became evident that her struggles with self-confidence was yet another.

For those who may know Julia, she is very quiet and typically found it hard to express emotion. Yet, over the course of six months working intensively with our Youth Coaches, Julia slowly started to come out of her shell and her self-confidence was starting to flourish. It was incredible to see.

In October last year, Julia set her mind on completing a Certificate 3 in Security. She worked so hard on getting through the course and gaining her security licence.

Then along came a pandemic...

Julia's resilience was inspiring and she pressed on looking to put her new qualification and licence to good use. Recently she landed herself a job working as a security guard with Social Outcomes Security, doing her bit on the front line monitoring hotel foyers as the pandemic started to take hold.

Social Outcomes Security provides ethical security services while creating pathways to employment for disadvantaged members of our community, such as people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, delivering a quality service by employing security guards with diverse backgrounds, cultural awareness and who speak multiple languages.

The day she was offered the position Julia told us just how excited she was - "I'M SO EXCITEDDD! THANK YOU!" 

We couldn’t be prouder of Julia and her personal growth over the past few months and know that her new employer is very fortunate to have her on board.

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