When we first met Bec (they/them), they had been actively volunteering in community radio for a few years and was looking for a career in the Music and Programming industry but was struggling to land a role amidst the record highs of youth under-employment and unemployment in Melbourne during 2020.

Bec was referred into our youth-specialist Employability Skills Training program to participate in a 3-week intensive with our specialised youth employment coaches to build their confidence, capabilities and job readiness.

What made this special was the fact that Bec was in our first ever Virtual Employability Skills Training (VEST) activity for young people Inner Melbourne.

All of our VEST programs take in an informal, youth-friendly environment tailored to individuals’ interests, goals and curiosities. Sessions include work site visits, mock interviews, skills development and industry guest speakers, and participants have access to interactive, one-on-one support from our team of youth coaches.

During the 3-week program Bec participated in, they were exposed to industry-specific content and guest speakers including CRS Management, received tailored job vacancies in Media, Programming and Sound Production, and was provided with information on paid writing and volunteering opportunities that would support their long-term goals in community radio.

Bec reflected positively on her participation in VEST, “it was wonderful to meet and collaborate with other young people who all had varying backgrounds and skill levels.”

"The team at Youth Projects fostered a supportive and inclusive space for participants when I went through my EST training! What really shone through was the care and thought put in by the Youth Project Coaches to ensure the experience was catered towards everyone's differing needs."

A few months ago, we heard some very exciting news from Bec… They’d landed a job at SYN Media!

SYN Media is a Melbourne-based non-profit, youth media organisation who works with passionate young people right across Australia to empower young people and give them skills to become media makers.

Bec scored a part-time role as SYN's Community Engagement Coordinator which sees them managing SYN’s induction radio training, acting as a support staff for our volunteers and working to expand the SYN community. As Bec puts it, “a dream role in community radio!"

Alongside their work in community media, Bec also DJs locally, organises and promotes a monthly club night and has had brief foray into working as a Publicist & Admin Assistant for a local record label.

Most recently (pre-lockdown and by total chance), Bec’s Youth Employability Skills Coach, Julia, attended the Music Careers Expo (hosted by The Push) and ran into Bec at the SYN Radio booth.

Bec was working at the expo, flourishing in their new role and even helping other young people with their resumes and trying to crack into the industry.

Julia was so impressed with how far Bec had come that she invited Bec to come back to VEST as an industry guest speaker to promote career pathways into Community Media, Programming and Sound Production.

Pictured here is Bec presenting at their first VEST session.

Bec remains a close friend to our VEST program, and continues to be a strong advocate for young people creating pathways in community radio in Melbourne.


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