Alex's transformative experience with our Transition to Work (TTW) program shows the remarkable impact it can have on at-risk young people facing complex barriers to meaningful employment. 

Initially referred to Youth Projects at the age of 15, Alex faced challenges in securing housing crisis support – which made school and juggling work an even bigger struggle. However, with the collective efforts of Youth Projects, Child Protection, and Youth Law, Alex was able to secure stable housing, is re-engaging with education, and working towards a job as well. 

During the time we spent with Alex, we identified various barriers, such as obtaining essential documents and setting up a bank account that were stalling their journey. But, with the support of Youth Projects, they were able to overcome these obstacles. 

In the past 12 months, TTW has expanded its reach, supporting an impressive 1,100 young people like Alex. Over the last four months, Alex actively engaged with Youth Projects and was referred to additional, wrap-around support services via our friends at Orygen Mental Health, Q Program (LGBTQ+ social support), Victoria University Pre-apprenticeship, and Victoria University hospitality program.  

With the backing of Front Yard Youth Services (Family Reconnect), Child Protection, and Youth Law, Alex was successfully able to return home and is now able to re-focus on education and job pathways. 

Looking ahead to 2023, Youth Projects has developed tailored goals and an action plan for Alex's future. They are now actively seeking casual employment in the local Werribee area and have embarked on a pre-apprenticeship in a Certificate II in Building and Construction, aspiring to become a qualified carpenter. 

The success of Alex's journey is a testament to the dedication and collaboration between Alex, our Transition to Work team, and sector partners. By addressing multiple barriers, Youth Projects has equipped Alex with the tools needed to succeed in life. 

If you want to find out more about Transition to Work, please visit here or please give us a call at (03) 9304 9100. 

*We've used a pseudo-image out of respect for keeping this person's identity private