Youth Projects is excited to announce the opening of our newest (and fourth) Youth Hub at St Albans in Western Melbourne from mid-January 2024.

Demand on our services is increasing - young people are doing it tough - and this is particularly evident in St Albans and the Brimbank region more broadly.

Since launching youth-specialist services in the St Albans area in mid-2022, we’ve experienced a significant increase in the number of young people who are doing it tough accessing our services in the region. Whilst we’ve supported 63 young people into meaningful jobs and training during this time, hundreds more need our support.

The Index of Relative Socio-economic Disadvantage (IRSD) indicates a high level of disadvantage in the Brimbank municipality, and our hyper-localised response is necessary in ensuring young people do not keeping falling through the cracks of an overwhelmed system.

Within weeks of launching our St Albans Youth Hub our local team are developing pathways to guide 140 young people into meaningful employment and education pathways. 

Recognising the multifaceted challenges young people encounter today, we acknowledge their path to independence is far from straightforward. Therefore, we design tailored pathways grounded in the theory of self-determination aimed at enhancing each young person’s confidence, motivation, social connectedness, and overall well-being.

The opening of our newest Youth Hub at St Albans is a strategic move to enhance our service delivery and deepen our engagement with young people in an area that has some of the highest levels of disadvantage in Victoria.

Our newest hub mirrors our existing state-of-the-art hubs, co-designed with young people to ensure it can meet their needs, with appointment and drop-in services and supports now available for young people in the local area. 

Youth Projects’ St Albans Youth Hub is located at 1/356 Main Road W, St Albans and is open for drop-ins or by appointment, Mondays to Fridays.

For more information on services available, please head to our Transition to Work page.