An alert has been issued by the Department of Health for cocaine and other benzos which contain Protonitaznene a potent synthetic opioid which can be 100 times stronger than heroin and stronger than fentanyl. Remember, you might not be getting what you think you’re buying! Protonitaznene is an extremely potent synthetic opioid, which means it can produce a strong opioid effect in very small amounts.


  •  Start low – go slow – even a small dose can be fatal
  • Carry Naloxone – even if you don’t plan on taking opioids, carry this opioid reversal medicine at all times. Find your nearest Naloxone distributer here
  • Use around people you trust – those who will help if things go sideways
  • Call 000 as soon as possible in event of an overdose

The rise of Nitazenes in coinciding with a shortage of overdose drug Naloxone. Contaminated heroin, cocaine and MDMA has been reported but the overdose reversal drug Naloxone has been in short supply since Victoria's rollout of the National Take Home Naloxone Program in December 2023.

The arrival of tainted drug supply couldn't have come at a worse time leaving the community and drug safety workers without the most immediate and effective response tactic.

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