Youth Projects provides health, outreach, community and employment, education and training services to individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness and alcohol and other drug issues.
Youth Projects promotes inclusion, builds resilience and creates opportunities.

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Are jobs people ready?
A lot of time is spent trying to make people “job ready.” In my view, we could also make jobs more people readyMany unemployed struggle to meet the very uniform benchmarks of a...
Young people need self confidence not more resumes

More than one in three unemployed Australians are young - between the ages of 15 and 24.  In under a decade the rate has risen from 9% to 14% but the problem is also...

Your future, Your job



Youth job training by the youth experts

Get job ready and job smart with Youth Projects accredited training. This course which...

Life is tough on Melbourne's streets


Homeless served posh roast, bad jokes and good company in a city lane

Caterer to the stars Andrew Blake interrupted the busiest time of year for his company, Blake's Feast, to serve a three-course roast banquet to 50 disadvantaged people in a CBD...

Youth training by the youth experts



Get the best advice: youth training by the youth experts. Call Youth Projects accredited training - Melbourne Training Options on 03 93049100.


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Youth under-employment
Youth Projects’ training programs are featured in this story from SBS news about youth underemployment and how we’re helping skill young people to combat...
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