Youth Projects provides health, outreach, community and employment, education and training services to individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness and alcohol and other drug issues.
Youth Projects promotes inclusion, builds resilience and creates opportunities.

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Youth training by the youth experts
  Get the best advice: youth training by the youth experts. Call Youth Projects accredited training - Melbourne Training Options on 03 93049100.
Reaching out to the streets - The Health Advocate

How the Youth Projects’ After Hours Primary Care Service is providing a helping hand to young people doing it tough in Melbourne...

When you’re homeless or living rough,...

Homeless served pot roast, bad jokes and good company in a city lane

Caterer to the stars Andrew Blake interrupted the busiest time of year for his company, Blake's Feast, to serve a three-course roast banquet to 50 disadvantaged people in a CBD...

We are back with our first Retail course for 2015!

Kickstart your job search this year with our accredited training - a first rate course that will prepare you for work in the retail industry in just 20 days. Find out more on...

Steroid use in Melbourne increasing, say welfare groups

Steroid use is increasing throughout Melbourne, with users turning to needle exchange programs and vending machines, and putting themselves at serious risk, as they chase fit-...

Melbourne's homeless given extra help to combat heat

Stay indoors and keep your home cool: that has long been the advice from authorities during crippling heatwaves.

But what about those with nowhere to live? For a...

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Youth Projects helps turn young lives around.


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Youth under-employment
Youth Projects’ training programs are featured in this story from SBS news about youth underemployment and how we’re helping skill young people to combat...
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