Youth Projects provides health, outreach, community and employment, education and training services to individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness and alcohol and other drug issues.
Youth Projects promotes inclusion, builds resilience and creates opportunities.

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Nurses With Backpacks
Their shift starts when the sun sets; they roam the streets of Melbourne's CBD to make sure that those who are unable to access health services are looked after and receive proper...
Coffee With A Cause
Transforming Transitions

From 15 March 2016 Youth Projects will again be delivering its youth specialist employment services. We’ll be providing the Transition to Work program for Melbourne’s North...

Hickory Youth Projects Upgrade

8 March 2016


Hot and homeless in Melbourne

While many Victorians complained about the heat, or lack of power and air conditioning last week, this was a taste of daily life for any one of Melbourne’s 10,000 homeless...

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Youth under-employment
Youth Projects’ training programs are featured in this story from SBS news about youth underemployment and how we’re helping skill young people to combat...
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