Womens Wellness at The Living Room

A safe place for women experiencing homelessness.

Our regular women’s wellness clinics provide women only time in a supported environment with female doctors, nurses and counsellors. Vital health screening such as breast and cervical health is available, but it’s also a time to relax, chat, and spoil yourself with a manicure, hair care or a treat.

The Living Room medical clinic is staffed by doctors and nurses available Monday to Friday.

Please bring your Medicare card when you visit if you have one. Services are free.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 9.30am until 4pm
Saturday 12pm until 5.30pm

Where is it?
7-9 Hosier Lane, Melbourne 3000

T +61 3 9945 2100
F +61 3 9945 2111

Free call: 1800 440 188

In the case of emergency, call an ambulance 000.

I need help now

    Patient Test Results

    Patients are required to make an appointment with their doctor to get test results. To protect your privacy, results will not generally be discussed over the phone or only in exceptional circumstances if required, nor will they be given to your family members. The clinic will contact you only if your results require urgent attention.

    Have you got a few dollars to spare and looking to support a great cause? Many of our services rely on donations to keep them running, consider a donation to help us continue delivering programs like The Living Room to those who really need it.