Based on our conversations and the information you provided to Centrelink, you want to solely focus on moving into education. Congrats on being one of our Study Focused service users.

Your mutual obligations (those things you have to do to keep your Centrelink payment) are re-starting on 09 June which means you are required to engage in 25 hours per week of activity to move you back into employment or study.


What are my requirements, we hear you say?

These are listed in your job plan. They can change regularly to give you the best chance of moving into employment or study and to meet your required 25 hours. Yours will include, but are not limited to: 

  1. You will need to enrol into a full-time Certificate III course or higher to meet your Centrelink requirements (we’ll support you through this!)

> Online study – what is it and what should I study?

> Check out jobs in-demand now and in the future

> Take the career quiz to find out more about your skills, strengths and future career direction options

> Based on jobs in high demand, we recommend the following Certificate III courses: Individual Support (Aged and Disability), Early Childhood Education and Care, Cleaning Operations, Health Services Assistance, IT qualifications and Logistics

> Based on jobs in high demand, we recommend the following Certificate IV: Allied Health Assistance, Nursing and IT qualifications

> Other courses could include any pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship courses, particularly in Carpentry and Civil Construction

PS. If you are studying at a mainstream school, or are completing a Certificate II level course, please let us know as we can explain what this means for you!

  1. Attend fortnightly phone appointments with a Youth Coach

> Discuss your progress around moving into study (including enrolments)

> Your job plan will be reviewed and individualised

> Discuss any other opportunities to move into activities (like work experience) that will benefit you moving into employment or study


What will Youth Projects do?

  • We will send you weekly emails with Certificate III or above courses to meet your requirements that we have actively sourced or found online.
    • Please make sure you look at these and follow instructions on how to apply
    • If you need help with enrolling, let us know!


Top tips for securing education


Helpful videos


Once you start working or studying

Firstly, YAY! Young people getting into study is one of our favourite things, like, EVER. But we need you to let us know! 

  1. Complete this form so we can update your job plan, tell you how we’ll help moving forward and, most importantly, congratulate you!
  2. Tell Centrelink / Services Australia by following this link

If you need help to set up payment plans, understand your timetable or anything else, please get in touch and we can help you!

Rules of engagement! 

We have a 3 Strike Rule which means that if you do not engage with everything we've outlined above and whatever is outlined your job plan then we'll give you three chances. After that? We will exit you to JobActive. JobActive are a generalist employment service who will suspend your payments, put you in work-for-the-dole activities and are not youth-focused, at all (trust us when we say you'll want to stay with Youth Projects!) 


Feel like you’re classified wrong?

Tell us! We want to support you smash those employment/education goals! We do offer more intensive coaching and one-on-one support, so contact us on the details below to have a chat.


Chat to a Youth Coach

You can reach us directly via text or call on 0499 799 262 or email us at [email protected]


We pride ourselves on individualized support, but due to a huge (and we mean HUGE) influx of young people needing jobs through our programs we've had to do things a little differently. If you'd like to share some feedback (good and bad!) please email us.