A little while ago we teamed up with Launch Housing to get Painter off the streets of Melbourne and into safe accommodation as the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold. 

Once we secured a place for her to stay, we knew that there may be a lot of time spent alone. So, we took two of her greatest passions - art and creativity - and put the team to work on finding an activity to keep Painter's mind and spirit healthy during lockdowns.

Almost immediately we organised a large canvas and some art supplies so Painter could spend her days creating.

The hotel she is staying at recognised her talent and asked Painter to create a series of artworks that they can display in every room of the hotel!

But first, she decided she wanted to return the kindness shown to her by creating a powerful piece that she gave to the team at Youth Projects as a gift and sign of her gratitude.

Some of our regulars at Good2Go might recognise Painter - she was our resident visual merchandiser at our op shop and has become quite the style icon of Hosier Lane.

This is Painter decked out in pre-loved clothes from the Good2Go op shop that she’s given breath of fresh life to.