Queer Psychosocial Outreach Program (QPOP)

Free outreach service providing essential support LGBTIQA+ youth aged 12-24, specifically those with varying abilities such as autism, ADHD and psychosocial challenges, in Melbourne's western suburbs. Read more


Information and help for users to report bugs and exploits in the Youth Projects website experience. Read more

Rainbow Mental Health First Aid

Cost-free, specialised mental health first aid training highlighting the unique mental health support needs and experiences of young, LGBTQIA+ people. Read more

Donate Cryptocurrency

Making a cryptocurrency donation to support Youth Projects enables us to provide high impact support to young people and people experiencing homelessness, without judgement – full stop. Read more

LGBTQI+ Programs

Being a Rainbow Ready workplace, we have a proud history of providing programs and services that respond to the unique needs of young people in the LGBTQI+ community. Read more

Customer Experience Coordinator

Create tangible change at the front line of disability employment across Melbourne. Read more