Based on our conversations and the information you provided to Centrelink, you may need a bit of extra support from Youth Projects to engage with work-related and non-work related support. The good news is that we are experts at exactly this!

It can be difficult to engage with work or study if you have other things going on in your life. Speak to your Youth Coach if you feel this way so we can link you up with appropriate support services or support you to get a Centrelink exemption/suspension if you need it.

At Youth Projects we have an outreach team who help young people get help with lots of different things like mental health, housing, family support, substance misuse and social connection. If you are eligible, we will connect you!


What are my requirements, we hear you say?

To meet your Centrelink requirements, you generally need to engage in 25 hours per week of an activity that helps you move forward with gaining employment or study. This is what is listed in your job plan and changes regularly to meet your 25 hours requirement. It includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Attend fortnightly phone appointments with a Youth Coach

> Set your fortnightly employment/skill building/confidence tasks (watch how!)

> Support with course enrolments and moving into study – you can even go back to mainstream school if that works for you!

> Discuss any other opportunities to move into activities (like work experience) that will benefit you moving into employment or study

  1. Engaging in appropriate services to support your well being, confidence and readiness to work or study

> This can include things like seeing a psychologist, engaging with your outreach team, driving lessons, anger management classes or psychiatric appointments.

  1. Engaging in appropriate employment readiness skills and training sessions along with activities that will develop your confidence and ability to move into employment or education

> Volunteering, work experience (like at our social enterprise cafe), studying, working and other activities

> Employability skills training sessions


Some fortnightly tasks we will support you with will include making sure that you have the basics covered for employment:

  • Follow our pre-employment checklist and make sure you have everything ticked off
  • Set some daily/weekly tasks to help you build your resilience
  • Work on some goal setting, to keep you motivated!
  • Support you to complete career/strength quizzes
  • Check out videos of people who work in different industries and explore what they do
  • Work through identifying your skills, and what study or employment options would be great for you


Some support that might be helpful for you right now

  • eHeadspace: free, online counselling service via text chat
  • Lifeline: 13 11 14
  • AOD support: 9304 9100


Rules of engagement! 

We have a 3 Strike Rule which means that if you do not engage with everything we've outlined above and whatever is outlined your job plan then we'll give you three chances. After that? We will exit you to JobActive. JobActive are a generalist employment service who will suspend your payments, put you in work-for-the-dole activities and are not youth-focused, at all (trust us when we say you'll want to stay with Youth Projects!) 


Feel like you’re classified wrong?

Tell us! We want to support you smash those employment/education goals! We do offer more intensive coaching and one-on-one support, so contact us on the details below to have a chat.


Chat to a Youth Coach

You can reach us directly via text or call on 0499 799 262 or email us at [email protected]


We pride ourselves on individualized support, but due to a huge (and we mean HUGE) influx of young people needing jobs through our programs we've had to do things a little differently. If you'd like to share some feedback (good and bad!) please email us.