Direct help for Melbourne's homeless

The Living Room


Youth Projects provides front line help to people who are homeless ensuring support reaches those who need it most. Both our drop in centre and outreach teams are available to assist people to recover from homelessness and other problems, in a friendly and non-judgemental way.

Our primary health care centre in the heart of the CBD has doctors, nurses,  free mental health counselling, alcohol and other drug counseling, housing referral and legal aid,  as well as podiatry, optometry, and specialist support groups. Our music and art therapy programs help people connect with others and find motivation to achieve their goals.

The Living Room medical practice has a patient case load of 1992 patients, and another 1586 who receive treatment by a nurse. T

also have a shower, wash and dry clothes, use the internet, charge your phone, make free calls, and have a meal. Our new Life Skills Centre helps  people who are sleeping rough to make a successful transiton to housing by strengthening living skills such as nutrition, cooking, budgeting, hygiene and improved social skills. We also have a Skills 4 Jobs Club which helps people experincing homeless acquire skills and search for employment.

All our services are in high demand with increasing numbers of people needing our help. In fact the episodes of care we provide have risen sharply, from 8,203 in the period 2014/13  to 12,444 over 2015/16.


Outreach night nurses

Not all nurses work indoors. Our street based nursing program recognises that homelessnes isn't 9-5. And if you are on the streets, it's tough to get help when you need it. Known as the After Hours Primary Care Team, the work on foot in pairs, with medical supplies in their backpacks, providing health care on the pavement, under bridges and laneways.  Their shift finishes late, almost midnight, and they work in tandem with our Foot Patrol and Living Room health team to ensure ongoing care.

The nurses help with wound dressings, blood pressure, infections, asthma and some emergencies too. They also have  training in mental health and drug counselling. This unique nursing team saves lives but they also save money and pressure on our hospitals and emergency services by getting to problems before they get worse. Operating only three nights a week, these nurses delivered 2,353 episodes of care on the streets, an increase from 969 in their first year in 2013.

Youth Projects night outreach program is belived to be the only one of its kind in Australia.


Feed Forty

You can help us provide food by sponsoring lunch - for $40.00 you can help us provide lunch 6 days a week, knowing we will provide food for at least 40 people a day at the Living Room

Five Under 25

Youth Projects helps prevent homelessness at its source. We help homeless and at risk youth to make a turnaround by ensuring they have core employablity skills and know how to find and keep a job. Most had left school early with few skills,  experienced ongoing health issues and little hope for the future. 

Already in twelve months we have placed over 230 at risk youth into a job or return to study in our Transition to Work program. All have remained employed and in housing. Our Five under 25 program also works with 15 -25 year olds who are long term unemployed and at risk of homelessness. This intensive program can achieve a rapid transofrmaton in self confidence, skills and employability because we bypass common barriers and focus on outcomes. Five under 25 is a high priority fundraising area for us to fast track at risk youth into a job and a better future.

You can help us make a difference

You can help Youth Projects by donating to our programs, to ensure we can meet the rising demand for this assistance. You can choose us as your charity of choice and fundraising at work, school or through your community group. You can also make  an on line donation. Every bit helps and goes directly to support the homeless. A limited number of tours of our service are available to groups who are fundraising partners with us.

We are a registered charity and donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

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