Dear Howard

Dear Melbourne, Friends, Neighbours, Film Enthusiasts, Art Lovers and Writers,

Youth Projects would like to invite you to join us in our project ‘Dear Howard’.
Inspired by the film Collateral Beauty, 'Dear Howard' is an initiative seeking to connect people through letters and art.
The film is about a man (Howard) who retreats from life following the loss of his daughter. Howard seeks answers through writing letters to love, death and time; fundamental themes that connect every person.

We are inviting everyone at every age to watch the film and, in line with the story, write a letter or create artwork to love, death, time or Howard.

Please submit your piece to
Alternatively, draw or write a message on one of our postcards which can be found at the Kino Cinemas (Melbourne) and leave the post card in the allocated box!

Youth Projects is a charity that supports people at risk or experiencing homelessness, disadvantage, unemployment and alcohol and other drug issues in Melbourne.
We believe Film and The Arts, has the capacity to touch and inspire; to connect and reconnect us to something greater than the immediacy of our lives and offers us a moment of belonging.

Persons experiencing homelessness are often defined as ‘homeless'; but people are more than the condition of their lives, we are all human, we all think, feel and love.
Some people in our community have houses but still feel isolated and disconnected.
There are conversations we wish to have together, but are unsure how.
This project is about bringing us all closer together, regardless of our social circumstances, ethnicity, health, visa status, age, gender or sexual preference - it's about sharing our home, whether it’s Melbourne City or planet earth.
We hope this project opens conversations about the themes that connect us and offers a glimpse into the heartbeat of our community.

Please join us, watch the film and submit a letter or art to

For those able, please pay it forward and donate the value of a movie ticket to support the attendance of a person experiencing homelessness.  Kindly note 'Dear Howard ticket' in the comments when donating.


Specifications and submissions of Letters, Poems and Artwork:

Format: Photography, graphic design, drawings, paintings  please submit images digitally

Naming file:  first name(or anon) followed by category (death/love/time or howard) no symbols or spaces in file name

Eg. NathanLove MaryDeath AnonHoward

Size: Max A3

Dimensions: Max 800 pixels on the longest side

*We will contact you if your piece is considered for a physical exhibition.

Upon completion of exhibition, artworks will be returned, participants are asked to pick up their artwork.


Post cards can be found at

Kino Cinemas Melbourne
45 Collins St, Melbourne

Good 2 Go Cafe
7-9 Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Kathleen Syme Library
251 Faraday St, Carlton 

Please write or draw a message to love, death, time or Howard, and indicate which one you are writing to.

Post cards can be left at the venue, alternatively, please affix a stamp and post to 7-9 Hosier Lane.


Email: or Post: 7-9 Hosier Lane, Melbourne, 3000