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Local youth experts open transition to work program for young people 

Youth Projects is now delivering the new Transitions to Work  (TtW) program in Melbourne’s north west region to assist early school leavers and young unemployed  aged 15 - 21 to access skills and jobs.

Building on our success as a youth specialist in employment and training, we’ll be providing tailored programs to interest and engage local young people in identifying their interests, strengths and acquiring self confidence to break out of long term unemployment.

Because this region of Melbourne is one of the nation’s “hot spots” of youth unemployment we need to ensure teens get the help they need early before problems become entrenched.

Youth Projects will use its newly renovated Youth Transition Centre opposite Glenroy station as the centrepiece of new strategies to get young people into work or training

We know many kids who don’t complete school have had a negative experience in the classroom and school ground and a reluctant to be in that environment again. 

That’s why we’ve created a highly innovative new space that builds both vocational and non-vocational skills such as expression, creativity and self worth. It’s a welcoming place that includes a barista station, activities space, audio-visual equipment and flexible learning areas.

We also have access to apprenticeships and accredited training on site so young people can get the information they need in one place.

The TtW program is funded by the federal government, is voluntary and aim to quickly help young school leavers return to school, training or find employment so the don’t fall into a life long pattern of exclusion.

Our Transition to Work service helps young people understand employer’s needs and to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours that will most help them such as:

• Develop practical skills to get a job

• Connect with education or training 

• Find and participate in work experience opportunities

• Identify employment opportunities in the local area

• Connect with relevant local community services.

Youth Projects is a member of CoAct