education overview

It’s all about you

Youth Projects works with local schools, families and community organisations to engage or re-engage young people back into education or secure alternative education and training opportunities.

There is a strong link between family poverty, mental illness, homelessness and early school drop out. In fact, young people from families where all parental figures are unemployed are significantly less likely to complete their final year of school. Sadly in Australia, one in every seven dependent children lives in a household where no parent has a job.

Growing up in an environment with no working parents combined with a decision to leave school prior to completion highly increases a young person’s chance of falling into the unforgiving cycle of unemployment and homelessness.  That’s where the team at Youth Projects come in.

Because we know early school leavers felt they were often unheard or ignored, and the regimented approach to education did not work for them, we create new environments that encourage learning. Our training programs are not like school; they are inclusive and safe places for people to re-connect into educational pathways that will significantly build their confidence, skills and opportunities.

See your strengths

Our strengths-based approach lets people find out what they like, are good at, want to know more about, and can succeed at. With this approach participants realise their past experiences of school and the barriers that held them back, need not do so in the future.

At the end of our on site short courses most clients have already made new friends and new decisions about their future.

Our team understand that every person is different, and are happy to create individualised training strategies that are youth friendly and help young people build the confidence to return to learning, and acquire the skills that will help them find work, and a new and more sustainable future.

The team here at Youth Projects are happy to answer any questions you might have, and to offer support, advice and potential pathways for securing alternative education. And support to find the job you’re looking for.