community overview


Youth Projects promotes inclusion and builds safe and sustainable communities. Our programs support resilience, community connection and socially engaged individuals.

We believe building capacity within local communities is vital to effecting change and tackling entrenched disadvantage. 

Through community engagement and collaboration, Youth Projects is able to support individuals to re-engage and become positive community participants. 

Working with other community organisations, local businesses and community members, our community programs provide a holistic and collaborative approach to initiating change and creating positive client outcomes.

We are aware that the people affected by adversities know what will and won’t have genuine impact on their quality of life – so we listen. It is by working alongside all members of our community, particularly those most neglected and ignored, that we can strive to ensure that each individual has the necessary tools, aid and support to effectively assist with a transition from a life of disadvantage and hardship to one of fairness and security.

We strive to create an inclusive, open-minded and engaged community; one where equal opportunities are granted to each individual.